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About Us

Puget Sound Landscaping started its first successful nursery 18 years ago in Northeast Olympia. Through a corporate division, a second nursery (The Plant Place) was established in December 2002 at a new site south of the Olympia Airport. In the Spring of 2013, a new Retail Lot opened in the South Bay area. Designed and intended originally to provide plant material for our own use, we have worked hard to set up our facility to serve our retail and wholesale customers. We have a sufficient inventory and quality to provide plants to the industry. We ship trees and shrubs to locations outside the Olympia area. For further information, see Deliveries on the Wholesale page.

Jim Espedal is our overall nursery manager in charge of nursery operations. He oversees the health of our nursery stock and ensures that our plant material meets nursery standards in terms of quality and size. Jim has a BA degree in Visual Arts from The Evergreen State College.


Jose Perez is our lead production manager assisting in the day-to-day operation of our nursery. Jose joined our nursery staff in 2007 and has over eleven years experience in wholesale nursery sales, production, and management.

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